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Who is Executive Mom?

Abby Horn....Energy and Environment executive and consultant for over 25 years now (but I stopped counting at 25...starting to make me feel old!), mom to two wonderful teenage boys in search of the fictional work/life balance.

I started Executive Mom as an opportunity to connect with other working moms who are constantly feeling like we are not quite giving enough to each aspect of our lives...constantly chasing the fictional but idolized image of a woman who always looks fully pulled together while bouncing between board room, school drop offs, practice pickups and grocery runs. Full disclosure....that is not me!

I am a professional, an executive with chronic imposter syndrome who loves to cook, loves a good spreadsheet, cannot keep a plant alive to save my life (the irony of my love of all things green...the picture here is purely aspirational!), and who is eternally grateful to have my wonderful family.

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