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Working Mom, Executive Mom. Is it all worth it?

Well, looking at these two, I would say yes. I have always wanted to be a mom....and it was never a question that I would also have a career. It never occurred to me to not work.

Each day I look at these two and I know that my career makes the world a better place for these two to grow up in. Passion and a belief that what I am doing makes a difference - it what powers me to work the balance between mom and executive; business leader and keeper of the home.

I will say there is judgement out there....and not just society as a whole. I once made the error of coupling a decline to a request to be part of a school parents organization with the response of "because I have to work." I was subsequently given the aggressive education that stay at home moms work too.....etc.... not appropriate to make that statement....etc....

I do know they work....because I do all that work my 8 - 6 job. I have never harbored a negative thought about mom's who either choose or who are financially able to stay home.

At times, I do feel a slight jealous twinge....but I know I chose to have a career and be a mom. This said, it would do women well to give each other more support, more understanding when it comes to being a working mom. We chose different paths - both are work but one comes with a larger set of time constraints and commitments that limit our flexibility at times.

It is worth it? Yes. My boys are now 12 and 13...and have learned to be responsible for packing their soccer bags, their ski gear. My boys know how to do laundry, run the dishwasher. They know, without being told, to do their homework as soon as they get home. They know they have to think through what they need and ensure they are prepared. I get to demonstrate being responsible with my time, to be on time, that doing work you love isn't really work. Because they are doing their work when I am doing my work, much of our time together is family time. I know it's ok each time I receive a compliment on how responsible my children are; it is ok when because they know how proud I am; its ok because they are proud of themselves that they can do things for themselves.

Is it this way all the time?....obviously no. But, yes, it is worth it.

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